6-Step Process for Billionaires Construction Remodeling Projects:

6stepprocessBillionaires Construction Remodeling has developed a 6-Step systematic approach to the Design/Build process that is client focused as 100% customer satisfaction is our guarantee!  During our 6-step process, here are some of the questions we will answer:

  • What is the client’s vision for the project? 
  • What problems are the client trying to resolve, and do the solutions offered meet those needs? Is there more than one way to resolve the problems?
  • What is the client’s budget? 
  • What are the client’s time frame requirements?

Answering these questions requires:  careful listening, creative thinking, trust, patience, collaboration and teamwork.

The end result  is that you will know what your project will cost, how long it will take, and what it will look like.

So let’s review what our 6-Step process is…

Step 1 – Discovery & Discussion

  • Phone Discussion– During the initial phone call we will be doing a needs assessment asking several questions regarding your wants and needs of your renovation project.  We will actively listen and take notes on the details of your project.  Doing this helps us to see the project through the customer’s eyes, and helps us determine if Able is a good fit for the project.  We will then set up an on-site appointment with all decision makers.
  • On Site Appointment– At our first in-person meeting, we will listen to your ideas and help you prioritize your wants and needs. We will also evaluate the existing environment and see how we can incorporate your desired changes so that the end result will be a seamless transition from old to new.  This will include a portfolio review and discussion on expected budget and timeline

Step 2 – Professional Proposal & Estimate

  • Professional Proposal & Estimate– Once we have gathered the information during Step 1, the Discovery and Discussion phase, we will then prepare a detailed proposal and estimate for your remodeling/renovation project.  It will map out the project from beginning to end to include details from demolition, to framing, electrical and plumbing, and materials.  An approximate budget will be established, and it is at this point that adjustments can be made, to help ensure that you won’t have budget overruns at the end of the project.
  • Estimate Meeting & Approval –We will schedule a meeting with all decision makers to review the estimate in detail and make any updates as necessary. Once the estimate is approved by all decision makers, Step 3 can begin.

Step 3 – Site Verification & Space/Structural Planning

  • Scope of Work Map: We will begin with an exhaustive review of the existing conditions of the space and taking detailed measurements of current dimensions.  We will look at the details like:   foundation, framing, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical (HVAC).  Correct planning of these elements is critical to the success of the finished project.
  • Material Selections — During our On Site Appointment, we will assist by introducing you to our design partners in cabinetry, counter tops, appliances, plumbing materials, and more.  This will include details like proposed placement of lighting, outlets, and switches.  All of your selections will be expertly coordinated to enhance your space and communicate your unique style and vision.

Step 4:  Final Construction Contract, Payment Schedule, Project Timeline, and More

  • Final Contract:  All of the information that has been gathered in Steps 1 through 3, is then assembled in the final Construction Contract.  This is where it all comes together; depending on the project, the construction contract may include copies of Drawings, a detailed Scope of Work, Material Selections, the Draw Payment Schedule, and a Project Timeline
  • Permits– We will also apply for Permits from the City or County that you live in if required

Step 5:  Construction

  •  Pre-Construction Details Set Up– We want to discuss and understand what is important to you, so we will review and decide on details such as:  where the dumpster will be located, where materials will be stored, traffic flow, work hours, your family, the steps we will take to protect non-construction areas of your home from dust, and how you can safeguard your pets.
  • Construction– We will begin your renovation project according to the timeline in the contract.  Of course, we are flexible and if something needs to be changed or revisited, we will sit down with you and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Step 6:  Post Construction

  • Post Construction/Closing– As the construction project nears the end, we will meet with you and go through a detailed site review and a Punch List to establish and address any finishing touches that may be required.  We will work with you to make sure that items on the Punch List are completed to your satisfaction.
  • Feedback & Paperwork – At the conclusion of your remodeling project, we will meet with you to get your feedback as to how everything went.  We will also provide contact information for different reporting agencies such as Angie’s List, Hometalk and BBB should you wish to share your experience.
  • Warranties– For your records, you will receive a fully written Warranty Manual detailing the process we go through to address any warranty issues you may have.

It is our goal to provide a remarkable remodeling experience for each and every one of our customers.  We want to be your remodeling partner and continued resource for you and your home or business for years to come.

Please contact us to start the process and transform your ideas into reality!